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Event Swag

While working on the Events Team in a financial tech company in San Francisco, I independently ideated concepts for event swag and signage.

'Game Day' is a company-wide outing to a local sports match, occurring in the 3 US offices: San Francisco (Giants - baseball), Los Angeles (Clippers - basketball) and Charlotte (Knights - baseball) . I worked directly with the Creative Director to fine tune my designs. 

Bring Your Kid to Work Day is a company-wide onsite event where all employees are invited to bring their children to their respective offices. I designed the swag and signage and worked directly with the Assistant Creative Director to fine tune my designs.

SF Game Day Mockup.png
CLT Game Day Mockup.png
LA Game Day Mockup.jpg
Kids Welcome Sign.png
Face Painter Sign.png
Balloon Sign.png
TShirt and LunchBag Photo.JPG
Bring Your Kid to Work Day Photo Frame M
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